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What happens when you meet the right guy in the wrong place?

Find out in this holiday contemporary romance novel set in Scotland.


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Twenty-four-year-old Jane embarks on an unexpected journey of self-discovery in the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland. After a devastating break-up shakes her world, Jane impulsively hops on a plane to the land of kilts and bagpipes, where she spends the month of December. There, she settles in at her charming rental cottage and quickly becomes enamored with her rental host's handsome brother, Leo.

As their undeniable chemistry intensifies, Jane finds herself torn between her desire for Leo and her fear of getting hurt again. Will she take a chance on love and find the happiness she's been searching for? Or will she let past wounds hold her back from a future with the one man who could make her heart soar?

This heartwarming tale of love and reconnecting with your truest self will leave you yearning for your own Scottish romance.

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